Time is indeed money, and rarely more so than when selling a home.

Asma Abbasi makes it her duty as your neighborhood real estate agent to tailor strategically crafted marketing, staging, showing, and virtual tour strategies to fit the most accurate and timely market assessments available among the Greater Toronto Area real estate community. In essence, she is not just selling your property – She is selling it as if it was her own home.

Broadly speaking, that means presenting not just your home but the rapidly growing and evolving community of Toronto and surroundings in such a manner that buyers can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with the home and amenities the area provides. There’s no separating generating buzz around a property from shining the most attractive light possible on the finest points of the neighborhood, schools, local economy, and wonderful people that surround it.

It’s all a bigger, more intricate process than many sellers realize, but one that Asma cherishes as a professional:

  • A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) breaks out the details of current listing price data and previous sales of similar properties to paint a clear portrait of what kind of price your home may realistically fetch in the market.
  • The CMA pairs with each seller’s personal insights to guide Asma in helping them find similar homes on the market in and around their desired area when needed, while also providing deeper insights into similar listings that may be competing for similar buyers’ eyes with competitive prices.
  • Carefully constructed marketing plans promote sale prices closer to your home’s actual market value by attracting multiple offers in a short time.
  • Before your home even hits the market, Asma will help you plan cost-effect improvements, renovations, and staging that can dramatically boost its value in the eyes of serious buyers.
  • When an offer does come your way, Asma will be glad to guide you openly and honestly toward either choosing to pass or accept it and begin negotiating toward closing at the highest price possible.

As she firmly believes that time is of the greatest essence when choosing to place your house in the market. The longer your home sits on the market, the greater the gap between the offers you can realistically expect and the price you hoped for when listing. That’s why, when she refers to “selling as her own home”, it also means treating you and your property with the highest respect as she would have for her own home.