Few choices are as thrilling or life-changing as buying a home. Without pulling any punches, it can also become an intimidating process for all the complicated steps and carefully conducted negotiations that build to a fast, satisfying closing.

You’ll have questions. It’s Asma’s duty as your trusted realtor to turn years of experience to interpret the pulse of Toronto’s housing market and provide clear, concise answers at any and every phase in the purchase process. The more concise and sensible steps are to understand the requirements of the client, the happier the buyers are when the keys are at their disposal at the time of closing. The client’s happiness only convinces her that all the effort she put in at the process of buying was worth it.

While every individual buyer makes each transaction a uniquely personal journey, here are a few universally essential steps that make up the backbone of any worthwhile sale:

  • Know your needs and your personal tastes. Time is our most precious commodity, but it’s also the most limited in supply. Understanding your priorities is critical to expediting our showings by narrowing the search to only the properties that check off every box.
  • In the meantime, Asma will update you immediately any time a new property that suits your preferences catches her eye. She will not waste your time on anything less than a perfect match.
  • Asma Abbasi has network of trustworthy Greater Toronto Area mortgage professionals who will work to secure pre-approval for a tailor-made mortgage at competitive rates that let you truly live comfortably in your new home without desperate monthly scrambles to meet payments.
  • Whether she is negotiating on your behalf with builders representing new constructions or owners eager to sell, Asma promises to keep you informed with most candid, clear market evaluations to ensure you only pay a fair price for your new home.
  • A trusted inspector will examine the property in a thorough and timely manner to ensure that any pressing issues or potential problems on the horizon come to your attention in time to address them in the purchase agreement prior to closing.
  • Finally, upon finalizing your purchase, every word of every document will pass the highest legal standard on deadline before you ever sit down at the closing table.

Again, Asma expects you to have questions. It’s her professional pride to have the answers you need, when you need them. Let’s help you find your way to a new home.