Meet Asma Abbasi your real estate agent in Greater Toronto Area serving the community for buying and selling homes, condos and commercial real estate for many years.  Asma knows an inevitable truth that has shaped the way she has done business and that is: there are no substitutes when buying, selling, or real estate investing for truly knowing and loving a community from the inside out.

She is proud every single day to call GTA not just the foundation for my professional endeavors, but my one true home. If should could give back to the community in anyway possible, it would be via knowledge and experience she has gained academically by gaining the Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics. In addition her love towards children encouraged her to gain an education in Early Childhood establishing a promising career in new Montessori school. In spite of all the education and knowledge in the fields of Mathematics, Economics and Early childhood, she sensed a need of a great real estate agent in Toronto and surrounding neighborhoods. Asma chose a path that she believes will always be intrinsic to Toronto area’s continued growth and prestige among the many fine communities of the Greater Toronto Area.

Asma chose to build a better Toronto by filling communities finest houses with people who might just fall in love with this city as deeply as she has. It is her everyday mission to offer every client, buyers and sellers alike, the standard of impeccable service they hope to receive when exploring this wonderful neighborhoods of Toronto.

Staging, virtual tours, stellar marketing photography, and a wealth of trusted advertising relationships throughout Toronto are only tools that set sales in motion. They would mean nothing if her own love for the city of Toronto and it’s people, did not set and raise a lifestyle bar so high day in and day out and she only hopes her clients love their new homes and the city the way she is so passionately adhere.